Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"A Good Outcome"

I think the people who have to summarize prayer requests for the church prayer bulletin have one of the toughest jobs around. It's extremely difficult to reduce an important need in a person's life to a sentence or two. The secretaries at our church in Illinois, do a great job. Whoever does it at our church here in Louisville also does very well. It's also a thankless job, because no one notices when everything is worded perfectly and there are no spelling errors. Being the prayer-request-summarizer is like being a referee at basketball game: You're invisible until you make a mistake.

Having said that, tonight I was checking the prayer requests on our Illinois church's website and came across a very humorous entry I thought you all might enjoy:

Nathan W-----
(Greg & Staci W-----'s son) He swallowed a quarter and may possibly be facing surgery if he does not pass it. Pray for a good outcome.

A good outcome!!! [Greg and Staci: We are praying that things will - how do I say this? - be okay.]


Gretchen said...

Augh, hahahahaha!! That is QUITE funny!

I am sure whoever wrote it (Shawnie or Jane) did not even think of that implication!

Poor Nater!

MadMup said...

I really wish they'd said, "Pray for change."

Josh said...

Too bad it wasn't a Canadian quarter - those never stay in.