Thursday, March 08, 2007

Fathers Die Too

John Piper's journal entry recounting the death (two days ago) of his father William Piper has been posted on the Desiring God blog. It's a very moving narrative. I commend it to you. Here's an excerpt:

I look you in the face and promise you with all my heart: Never will I forsake your gospel. O how you believed in hell and heaven and Christ and cross and blood and righteousness and faith and salvation and the Holy Spirit and the life of holiness and love. I rededicate myself, Daddy, to serve your great and glorious Lord Jesus with all my heart and with all my strength. You have not lived in vain. Your life goes on in thousands. I am glad to be one.

I kissed him on his cold cheek and on his forehead. I love you, Daddy. Thank you.

Read the whole story.

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David and Sharon said...

Incredible journal entry - tear renching in a joyful way. I put the entire entry on our blog around the same day you did - great minds...