Friday, August 12, 2005

New Version of Windows to Debut Late Next Year

Maybe this isn't exactly a scoop to you, but it was news to me: Microsoft will release a new version of Windows, called Windows Vista, late next year. Vista sounds weird, and it's already kind of used by Disney (Buena Vista). Why the unorthodox new name? Microsoft (apparently in anticipation of this question) answers:

According to Microsoft, the new moniker, which sounds like a car model your uncle would drive, is inspired by the system's shimmering graphics and its ability to serve Microsoft's vast and diverse customer base, as well as a nod to the basic concept of what a window is. "We really tried to bring clarity to the world so you can focus on what matters to you," says group product manager Greg Sullivan.

Vista will operate in much the same way its Windows predecessors have, but will also include many nifty new features, designed to make Windows even more user-friendly:

Vista's history has been troubled; Microsoft was unable to implement what was once touted as its defining virtue, a revolutionary new way to handle files. It does have powerful search functions, cool features like icons that are thumbnail representations of the documents themselves and support of hot Net technologies like RSS. But the big selling point will be reliability and security. Features that identify bogus phishing sites, fend off spyware, bolster firewalls and encrypt information are designed to create, Sullivan says, "a new level of confidence" in your computer. "If we did just that, this would be a worthwhile release," he adds.

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