Monday, August 29, 2005

A Dry Season

It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything on my blog. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1) I've been very busy with ministry, and 2) In my busyness, my enthusiasm for opining on things Christian, theological, and political on my blog disipated. I'm sick of being opinionated. I just want to know Christ and honor him with my life.
Admittedly, living a Christ-exalting life does require one to think, and to hold to what one believes is true, and to seek to lead others to the truth. It does not require one to be a pundit. This is what I've grown weary of - Christian punditry. I want my new blogplan to be more Christ-centered, more aimed at edifying the reader and building up his or her faith and love for our great God.
To that end, I'll share this: I have seen God's provision in my life in wonderful ways the last couple of weeks. He has given me lessons and devotions to share that I could not have come up with one my own. Simple lessons, but God-honoring and a blessing to the hearers. He has also given me extra energy to keep an extra-busy schedule. His grace has been abundant and I thank him for it and pray for more. Consider these lyrics from Abraham Piper's song "I Am One of Jesus' Sheep":

I am one of Jesus’ sheep—
Cared for kindly in his keep.
Constantly I am provided
By his gentle hand. And guided
Safe along his streams of rest,
Down his paths of righteousness.

Often Jesus sees me stray
Far from him and disobey.
Even then he never leaves me—
Follows, finds, and gently heaves me
On his back—with heaven’s hold,
Carries me back to his fold.

Jesus—shepherd, Jesus—friend
Tends me to the very end.
Jesus’ steadfast love ensures me,
Though I sin, he still endures me—
Follows, finds me, and forgives—
Bears me where his family lives.

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