Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Beijing Olympics: Rewarding Totalitarianism

Several online sources are tracking the behavior of the oppressive Chinese government in preparation for the Olympics:
  • Chuck Colson's Break Point has assembled a helpful array of information and resources spotlighting China's human rights abuses, persecution of Christians, and tight media controls.
  • Voice of the Martyrs is documenting the Chinese regime's antics at the Persecution Blog. VoM is also offering free Olympic prayer bands here.
  • Open Doors USA sent out this press release last week documenting some positive and negative steps taken by the Chinese regime in the run-up to the Olympics.


Annie M said...

Thanks for these links Josh! I've been thinking about boycotting watching the games this year. It's difficult when everyone else is so excited about them!

Anonymous said...


Even with these sources, this view of the games seems to be the minority report. It's hard to speak badly of the Games, but the Chinese government seems to stand for the opposite of what the Games are all about: freedom, equality, and pluralism [in the ethnic sense, not the philosophical in this case].

Thanks again.

-John M