Thursday, April 12, 2007

Me too, Linus


Originally published April 11, 1960.


katydidsmiles said...

haha! I love this cartoon. I think we all as Christians longing for a future home feel like this.

I grew up in three different countries, 5 different states, and 11 different houses. I've now lived in four different countries, 6 different states, and I think close to 30 different houses or apartments. I always felt so bohoo growing up for this - haha! Now, I thank God - -it's hard to feel like anywhere on this earth is my home.

Little lessons in life thanks to Peanuts.

Josh said...

Before we moved to L-ville, Gretchen read a quote in a missionary biography that became our motto in the weeks leading up to our move: "The Lord is my home."

Also, I was experiencing feelings of antipathy toward the library when I posted that comic. It was spring reading days (known as spring break to the less-diligent) and I was having trouble getting going on a paper - the one mentioned in a later post.