Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gospel of John on mp3

I use the Word of Life Quiet Time Diary for my personal devotions. We've been in the Gospel of John for a couple of months now. (I say "we" because the entire youth ministry back in Illinois, and many of their parents and other church members, also use the Quiet Time Diary.) Spending several months has been fine with me because John is my favorite gospel. The Lord has opened my eyes this time through to see some important themes and teaching that I hadn't seen before. So I was psyched to see that the entire Gospel of John is available for FREE in mp3 audio format on the ESV blog. Download it! Sync it to your mp3 player or burn it to CD! Listen to it!

Incidentally, I love the ESV. It's been my Bible for about three years now. If you're looking for a reliable translation that strives to be as literal as possible without sacrificing literary beauty (a combination previously achieved only by the King James Version among English translations), maybe the ESV is for you. If you have considered switching translations in the past, but have been afraid that switching at this point in your life might be too difficult or a hassle, I'd like to suggest that the ESV might be a good option. I think you'll feel very comfortable with the ESV. Much of it will sound familiar. (Read all about the ESV translation philosophy HERE. Read about the relationship of the ESV to the KJV HERE.) You could get a paperback edition pretty cheap at your local Christian bookstore, use it for your devotions, and see what you think. Or download the mp3 file above and give it a listen.


MadMup said...

We use the NASB here at FBC, and I really like it. I grew up on the KJV (like most folk), and I was itchin' to try something else. The NASB was a good fit for what I was looking for, and reliable sources tell me it's a great translation.

I'll do some reading out of the ESV at your suggestion.

Josh said...

6:22 AM! Way to be a crack-of-dawn Tiffinian reader, Mup!

My brother tells me that tons of students at MBBC are using the ESV these days.

MadMup said...

I suspect your blog clock is still on IL time, brother - I didn't check your blog until after 7 for sure! :)