Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Truth In Balance: A Final Word

"We are given to believe that what we enjoy in this life is so ordered by the will of God, and so much the effect of providence, that there is no ground whatever of boasting in any creature; yet we do not on this account neglect to plough or sow, or pursue the good and avoid the evil.

"A 'fleshly mind' may ask, How can these things be? How can predestination be made to comport with human agency and accountableness? But a truly humble Christian, finding both in the Bible, will believe both, though he may be unable fully to conceive of their consistency; and will find in the one a motive to depend upon God, and in the other a caution against slothfulness and a presumptuous neglect of duty."
- Andrew Fuller, Baptist pastor and theologian, 1812

"The Western mindset is not as conditioned to hold and maintain tension as the Eastern mindset. The Western mind tends to create false 'either-or' categories, rather than thinking in terms of 'both-and.'"
- Professor Kevin Smith, church history lecture, 2/21/07

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