Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We've Moved, Thank You.

Our move to Louisville went off without a hitch on Monday. God's grace came to us in the form of the many friends and family who generously gave of their own time/energy/money to help us in one stage or another of the moving process. Those friends and family are (in random, roughly chronological order):

James and Christen Taylor (BIG TIME help with packing while staying with us last week)
Greg and Mandy Cooper (and Maddy!)
Johanna Becker
Jake Starr (who took a vacation day to help us load in IL and unload in KY)
Misty Ferguson
Shea Ferguson
Bob and Anna Cast (Let's keep that basement nice and dry!)
Nate and Janet Benzing (and Cede!)
Mom and Dad Benzing (and Emily, Nancy & Abby) thanks for the storage space!
Mom and Dad Neisler (Dad: thanks for the help unloading, the laptop, the grocery money, supper Monday night...)
Calvary Baptist Church family (prayers, love gifts, encouragement, the cost of the moving van)

Here's how you can pray for us over the next two weeks:

1. For God's grace as we encounter new things: new church (tonight!), new home, new town ("How do you get to Kroger again?"), etc.
2. For God's provision: jobs for each of us (PT for me, FT for Gret), new friendships, new bills!
3. That our private and family worship times would be vibrant and faith-building.
4. That we would glorify God by trusting him. (Isaiah 26:3, Jeremiah 29:11)
5. Urgent: that neither of us would develop the slightest hint of a Southern "twang"; or begin to eliminate syllables from our pronunciation of "Louisville".


Gretchen said...

I will be fervently in prayer over #5. :)

Hindto said...

Ennoyed reading your blog! Found your blog from friend of a friend of a friend of a get it. After moving 11 times in 10 years of marriage, I can identify. However, as you stated...there is no better place than in the Sovereign will of God. It looks like you are attending Southern? Praise God. Southern has been a blessing to our body of believers as we have several students from our church there now. Don Whitney was just at our church for a conference and we were all pressed on more in our sanctification.

Keep pressing on!

GloryandGrace said...

Just hang around me and "Sovereign Joy" (see the link to his old blog on my blog) and you won't have to worry about a twang--people are still confused sometimes when we tell them that we're from TX, heehee :)

Sarah said...

"Oh please, dear Lord--keep Josh and Gretchen from developing a drawl!" I don't know if I could ever talk to you outside of a blog after that.... :-)

Ryan DeBarr said...

It ain't really Southern. It's more Appalachian, even though Louisville isn't technically in Appalachia.

Low-ah-vull. Practice it.