Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lucky in Kentucky

I miss you, Emma-
It's such a dilemma!

I miss you, Nancy,
It's making me antsy.

Abby, I miss you!
My eyes need a tissue!

Sue, you are missed too;
Though the days have been few.

Somebody tell Bill:
How we feel, how we 'fill'!

Dear Nate and Janet,
Come visit! Let's plan it!

Bring your Mercedes,
The cutest of babies!

Anna and Bob Cast,
Come visit! (the drive's fast)

So let it be known:
We feel sort of alone
Here in Kentucky.
Yet we know we're lucky-
Right where we should be,
Where Christ knew we would be
Before time began.
You see, this is His plan.


Grandad & Nana said...

Your such a poet
I did not know it! :)
Tell Gret thanks for her comment! She is the first on our new blog thanks to Sis setting it up! We'll be praying for lots of new friends but I'm sure that will happen very soon with school starting. Have a blessed Sunday!

GloryandGrace said...

Now you need to come up with a good one about Texas-style chili! :)

Setrn said...

Can P & P and I come too???