Friday, January 11, 2008

Avoid Manipulation in Evangelism

Who can deny that much modern evangelism has become emotionally manipulative, seeking simply to cause a momentary decision of the sinner's will, yet neglecting the biblical idea that conversion is the result of the supernatural, gracious act of God toward the sinner? . . .

When we are involved in a program in which converts are quickly counted, decisions are more likely pressed, and evangelism is gauged by its immediately obvious effect, we are involved in undermining real evangelism and real churches. History is full of people coming to Christ months and years after the gospel is presented to them. That may be the case with you. I know it was with me, and it is with many other Christians. Most of us don't respond the first time we hear the gospel.

--Mark Dever, The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, pp. 80-81 (Crossway, 2007)

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You've got me eagerly waiting to read this book. Sounds very helpful.