Thursday, November 15, 2007

Way to Go, Mom & Dad!

My hometown paper recently ran a story on my parents' growing business. Way to go, Mom and Dad!

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Josh's Dad said...

My son the encourager! One thing I've learned from serving the Lord is that some things are just for the next generation and that only so much can be accomplished in one lifetime. God is never pressed for time to get things done. My whole life I have wanted to be an encourager but those that know me best know I just haven't made the grade. It is just a wonderful thing to see God enabling and using my Sons to do what I am not good at. I've been helped many times by simple encouraging comments or actions that have truly made my burden lighter and kind of kept me on my way. Out of appreciation I find it so important to pass this kindness along and while there has been improvement, I'm just not gifted this way. I take great comfort knowing that perhaps by my obvious weakness, my sons have been compelled to excel! In Isaiah 55 God says that his ways are higher than ours and his thoughts higher than ours. He sometimes uses us differently than we would think or prefer. I am humbled but praise God, for this world needs those that will lift others up! Praise God for my son "the encourager!"