Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jesus Christ in 1 Peter 1

Read 1 Peter 1 HERE.

  • has sent messengers (apostles) into the world, 1:1.
  • has chosen a group of people to obey him, 1:2.
  • these people have been sprinkled with his blood, 1:2.
  • is the Son of God the Father, 1:3.
  • was raised from the dead, causing his elect to be born again to a living hope and eternal inheritance, 1:3-4 & 21.
  • will be revealed in the future (come again), 1:6-7.
  • will honor those whose faith is genuine when he is revealed, 1:6-7.
  • is loved by those whom he has saved, 1:8.
  • is not presently seen by his people, 1:8.
  • is trusted by his people, who rejoice in the hope of seeing him face-to-face, 1:8.
  • led the prophets by his Spirit to predict his sufferings and subsequent glory, 1:11.
  • will bring grace to his followers at his revelation, 1:13.
  • ransomed, like an unblemished lamb, a people for himself, delivering them from the futile way of life they inherited from their fathers, 1:18.
  • was known before the world began but revealed in these last days for the sake of those who believe, 1:20.
  • was given glory by his Father after his resurrection, 1:21.

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