Friday, May 18, 2007

ML-J Biography

I'm currently reading volume two of Iain Murray's biography of Martyn Lloyd-Jones. A passage I read today gave the full contents of a letter written by ML-J in May 1948 to his daughter Elizabeth, who had recently written to her parents to tell them she believed that perhaps she was being prepared for missionary work overseas. In reply ML-J said, in part (italics added for emphasis):

I need not say that Mama and I were both much moved by your letter of last week and what you had to say in it about your thought and feelings concerning foreign mission work.

As far as we are concerned we are content with God's will for you whatever it may be. That is not easy, of course, but I thank God that we have had sufficient grace to commit you to His will. I have always tried to preach to myself what I have so often said to others, that we are but pilgrims and strangers in this world. All we have is but given to us as guardians and custodians by God, not to keep to ourselves but to enjoy as from Him. This applies to our children, and our business as parents is to prepare them for life and for God's purpose for them in life, regarding it as one of the greatest and highest privileges that they have been placed in our hands . . .
Iain Murray, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The Fight of Faith 1938-1981 (Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 1990), 176-177.


Steve Burlew said...

Ah, what a good read, Josh! Definitely one of our top biographies. Glad you're benefitting from it.

Josh said...

Yeah, I find it difficult to put down! Thanks for all the great work you and the folks at Banner of Truth are doing! Your are having a huge impact on a whole generation of young preachers (and their wives!).

My wife was homeschooled, and her parents still have two more at home. I'd love to get a catalog of Banner's homeschool resources to pass along to them.

And if you ever need a proofreader, I've got lots of experience. :)

Zack said...

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Steve Burlew said...

Josh - Send me an email about the homeschool resource catalog and I'll see what I can do. You can email me at Thanks.