Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Could It Be?

I think I just finished my last paper of the semester. Maybe. Anyway, I have that feeling of relief that comes when you finish one off and bid it farewell. So, farewell to you, "Polity in the New Testament and in Church History." It's been fun.


katydidsmiles said...

I know the feeling. I went to Bible college. I just wanted to say - SAVE your papers! You probably do and are more wise than I was as a punk young 20 year old in Bible college. It's nice to go back sometimes and see how witty you once were OR on the other hand, to see how you've grown up from that silly child who thought that way.
Anyway, I didn't save many of my papers and still look at those lost papers as the most beautiful thing I wrote - haha! I'll never know the truth!

Josh said...

I kept all my notebooks, etc. from college. It's all in a big Rubbermaid container in my in-law's basement. I haven't read any of my papers in awhile. I should. It would be entertaining. I used give my papers a really creative introduction, sometimes even writing fictional scenes in which a character wants to know about the topic of the paper. That wouldn't fly here. Well, it would fly - straight into the garbage.