Monday, March 12, 2007

Mid-Term Exams This Week

I have two mid-term exams this week in addition to my usual homework. Would you please pray for me as I study? Here are some specific things to pray for: (1) Physical strength and stamina (I've got a bit of a cold); (2) That I'll study the right information; (3) That I'll remember what I study; (4) That I'll consider this process as a crucial part of my spiritual growth and not a distraction from it; (5) That I would study for the glory of God and not of Josh.

Also, if you think of it, would you pray for me while I am taking these exams? My Greek exam is Tuesday, March 13, at 9am Eastern Time (8 Central). My Baptist History exam is Thursday, March 15, at 2:30pm Eastern (1:30 Central).

In order to be accountable to all of you who pray for me, I will post my scores when I know them. So pray really hard so I don't embarrass myself. :)


Josh said...

I'm confident I did well on both exams. Many thanks to all of you who prayed for me. Feel free to keep it up! :)

I'll post the scores when I get them.

GloryandGrace said...

Glad you felt confident in your first round of exams! I just finished my second one yesterday actually. I took Ethics a couple of weeks ago and felt pretty confident in how I did.

Hope you guys are doing well, and we miss seeing you!

Grace and peace~