Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday Quotes

"Christ is tendered or offered to Sinners as Sinners; not as righteous Persons, but as ungodly ones, without any previous Qualifications required of them to fit themselves to receive Christ; they are all as poor, loft, undone, weary, and heavy laden Sinners required to believe in Christ, or venture their souls upon him, though they have no Money, no Righteousness; if they have they must cast it away, in point of Dependence, Trust, or Justification: These are they, Christ came to call; these are they he invites to come to him; these are they he came to seek and to save, who see nothing of Good in themselves; but contrariwise, are sensible of their filthy Hearts and abominable Lives: And yet though it be thus, if they come to Christ, believe truly in Christ, they shall at that very instant be justified."

"When the Day of Judgment or Death comes, all Hands will be weak, and all Hearts faint: Confidence in our own Uprightness will then fail us, because no Works can then be found to answer the Righteousness of God;"
- Benjamin Keach, The Marrow of True Justification, 1692

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