Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Great is the heart of my beloved,
Rejoicing and gladness she imparts.
Ever keeping her covenant word,
Truth and love and kindness have been her art.
Christ alone holds greater sway; I would
Have it so. For she loves me best by
Ever loving me less than Him; for
Never yet has a lover saved a soul.

Some Other Valentines

Mom: please send some Ballreich's
Or your snicker-doodles
To me (whichever one you like).
Happy Valentine's Day!
Eating treats helps with Greek-
Really-O please send them, okay?

Abby once was small,
But now she’s grown tall
By eating my pancakes.
Yummy, golden pancakes.

likes to serve,
A helping hand to lend.
’s quick to say,
Can I be your friend?
You’d be glad to meet her.

Every day I miss you,
My dear red monster small.
I confess I wish you
Lived here in Mullins Hall.
Yet I say - go where you are called.


Gretchen said...


Thanks for the nice acrostic poem. I love it.

Abby's reminds me of the one Bert makes up at the beginning of Mary Poppins "your daughters were taller than you, but they grew!"

And it is HILARIOUS that you called Emily a red monster small! HEE HEE!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely valentine po-em! I will certainly send out some treats to help you with your Greek!
Love you lots,

Anonymous said...

awaw make me cry about gret!