Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Cry of Pop Culture

I was browsing through the music at Best Buy the other night, and I came across an album (nearly two years old now) by Oasis, a band I listened to in high school. The album's title caught my eye:

"Don't Believe the Truth"

It struck me that this is the siren call of all of pop culture - TV, movies, music, fashion, the internet, electronics, sports, etc. And while they're begging us not to believe the truth, they're working hard to make sure we don't even see the truth.

Christians should have an implicit distrust of pop culture. Some of its offerings may be good and beneficial to us, but we should assume that Satan is out to get us, and pop culture is one of his tools. He is "the god of this world." Satan himself will probably never visit you to whisper temptations in your ear. He's more efficient than that. He casts a wider and harder-to-discern net: Instead of tempting us to sin overtly, he subtly tries to distract us from Kingdom priorities by delivering a seemingly endless supply of movies, TV shows, DVD's, CD's, websites, video games, sports, jeans, shoes, cell phones, mp3 players, computers, restaurants, stores, cars, get the idea.

Satan wants to lull us to sleep slowly and subtly, thereby rendering us ineffective for the Kingdom. We must each pray for wisdom to discern the line between good/beneficial and distracting/harmful; and we must be willing to take the kind of radical step Jesus commends to us when he says, "If your eyes offends you, pluck it out..." We must be willing to imagine life without _________ .


Gretchen said...

Good post to read when one is considering Lent (the way I do).

Sandy said...

Josh, great post. It is so easy to be desensitized to sin.

MadMup said...

I have a hard time reading your blog some days, Josh. Too convicting and thought-provoking.

Keep up the good work.

David and Sharon said...

Thanks for the reminder. I needed that - Lord have mercy on us.

Kevin Foflygen said...

Amen, brother! Although I haven't blogged on the subject, I've gotten in several conversations recently about churches sacrificing God-centered worship in an attempt to appeal to the culture -- the whole 'seeker-sensitive' trend.