Friday, January 26, 2007

What courses are you taking?

Before I tell you what classes I'm taking this semester, it might be helpful for you to have an idea of my overall course of study. I am working toward a Master of Divinity degree with a concentration in Biblical and Theological Studies. Here's how the seminary catalog describes this track of study:
This option within the Master of Divinity program is designed to give concentrated focus upon biblical and theological studies. Through this concentration, students engage in intensive biblical language study and explore theology, philosophy, and history in depth. Students with this concentration will likely take Hebrew and Greek simultaneously in varying degrees of intensity.

Vocational Objectives: Biblical and theological studies, Campus/college ministry, Doctoral studies, Evangelism, Pastorate, Preaching
Southern Seminary is divided into schools. I'm in the School of Theology, whose purpose the catalog describes this way:
The primary purpose of the School of Theology is to conduct post baccalaureate professional and graduate theological programs in order to equip students for ministry as pastors, teachers, Christian counselors, chaplains, and urban ministers. In addition, the School of Theology seeks to provide the biblical and theological training that is foundational for other church-related ministries as well as for roles where advanced theological training is required. Central to these educational functions is the development of persons of Christian character, commitment, and integrity.
The bottom line is, I want to know Jesus intimately and pour my life into pastoring a church that displays his glory. I hope the Biblical and Theological Studies track will help me to grow in sanctification as I study the Bible over a period of years. God's Word is SO powerful! If you commit yourself to reading it with understanding, in reliance upon the Holy Spirit, it WILL change you. You WILL become more like Jesus! Hebrews 4 even says that God's word is ALIVE! I believe that prolonged, concentrated exposure to Truth will change me; and I desperately need to change . We're all in constant need of reformation. So really the whole point of coming to Southern is this: To go deeper with the Lord Jesus. To that end, I'm taking the following classes this semester:

Elementary Greek, Dr. Jonathan Pennington

Church History I, Prof. Kevin Smith

History of the Baptists, Dr. Shawn Wright

Written Communication, Prof. Marsha Omanson

Cooperative Program Seminar, Dr. Greg Wills (via DVD)

Please pray for me (1) to be diligent in my studies, (2) to enjoy the learning process, (3) for my reading and studying to be Spiritual food that nourishes me, (4) to build meaningful relationships with fellow-students and the professors.

Read about my professors and classes HERE.

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