Friday, December 08, 2006

Bible Marketing

THIS article from Wednesday's Wall Street Journal on the recent up-tick in Bible sales almost made me puke in my own mouth. Read the whole thing if you must, but do yourself a favor and go get a trash can first, in case you need to up-chuck. Thankfully, Crossway and the ESV fail to get a mention. Two of the more nauseating quotes:

"For a long time the Bible was just the Bible," noted Kevin O'Brien, director of Bibles at Tyndale House. "You put it out there and people bought it. They didn't ask about the options, because there weren't any options. But now, especially in evangelical circles, people are seeing their lives not just in color but high-definition color, and they want the Bible to fit in with that. This is not your mother's Bible."

"What people are saying is 'I want to find a Bible that is really me," noted Rodney Hatfield, a vice president of marketing at Thomas Nelson. "It's no different than with anything else in our culture."

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Gretchen said...

Okay, whatever. Forget you Tommy Nelson. Go sell your Max Lucado weak sauce children's books. :)