Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Sexualization of Young Girls in Today's Culture

Al Molher, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, tackled this delicate but urgent issue on HIS RADIO SHOW YESTERDAY.

As a husband, youth minister, and brother-in-law (to three teenage girls who are in my youth group), I'm concerned the church isn't doing enough to counter the influence of popular culture in this area. I am especially concerned about the unwillingness of parents to talk about biblical modesty and beauty.

Mohler cites A PIECE IN YESTERDAY'S L.A. TIMES by Rosa Brooks.

I found Mohler's comments helpful; maybe you will too.


Gretchen said...

I was just thinking about this today because of a bulletin I got from a 13 year old called "your first time." It was supposed to be a joke, tricking the reader into thinking something dirty when it was just talking about going to the dentist, but I was appalled.

When I was 13 I still played with my American Girl doll. I want to lash out and SAVE these poor girls who are just following whatever because it is funny or fun.

Gretchen said...

Just another thought, I think that these girls want to be told they are beautiful, and they aren't hearing that from the right people and they don't know to take that question to Jesus. So they learn to ask something similar "do you want to look at me". And the horrible part is -- YES the men do want to look at them, so they get a feeling of power. And they don't even understand it.

Smoothie King said...

I've actually seen that shirt on a girl in the store. Working on a state college campus I see young ladies (and men) dressed in, what amounts to, underwear. It's a huge issue that youth leaders / pastors and parents need to biblically address with pre-teens (6th grade-ish).