Friday, March 03, 2006

George Will: "Axis of Evil" More Dangerous Than Ever

In his column in yesterday's Washington Post, George Will points out that since 2002, when President Bush coined the term, each member of the "Axis of Evil" (Iraq, Iran, N. Korea) has become more - not less - dangerous. He also laments the current state of affairs in Iraq:

Last week, in the latest iteration of a familiar speech (the enemy is "brutal," "we're on the offensive," "freedom is on the march") that should be retired, the president said, "This is a moment of choosing for the Iraqi people." Meaning what? Who is to choose, and by what mechanism? Most Iraqis already "chose" -- meaning prefer -- peace. But in 1917 there were only a few thousand Bolsheviks among 150 million Russians -- and the Bolsheviks succeeded in hijacking the country for seven decades.

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