Friday, October 21, 2005

Thoughts from Jack

I've been reading Surprised By Joy: The Shape of My Early Life, byC.S. Lewis (my second time through,and an even greater delight!). Here are some thought-provoking quotes from Jack:

"If the parents in each generation always or often knew what really goes on at theirs sons' schools, the history of education would be very different."

"The authentic 'joy'. . . had vanished from my life: so completely that not even the memory or the desire of it remained. . . Joy is distinct not only from pleasure in general but even from aesthetic pleasure. It must have the stab, the pang, the incosolable longing."

"We are taught in the Prayer Book to 'give thanks to God for His great glory,' as if we owed Him more thanks for being what He necessarily is than for any particular benefit He confers upon us; and so indeed we do and to know God is to know this."

More to come...

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