Friday, July 01, 2005

Is Good Theology Bad Business?

A New Article in World Magazine weighs the pros and cons of non-Christian publishers and distributors invading the world of Christian books, and their Christian counterparts targeting the secular market.
The disturbing trend from my perspective is that "caffeine-free" Christianity (books that minimize Gospel truths such as God's glory and God-centeredness, man's depravity, and the need for repentance and a faith in Jesus) seems to sell best - the kind that is more like "Chicken Soup" than "strong meat".

One reason I've launched this blog is to promote good theology - Biblical, God-centered and Christ-exalting - and to expose the bad theology. I want to help my friends and family - and whoever else might read here - navigate the waters of Christian thought. With so many resources to choose from, many laypeople just don't know which book to pick when they walk into their local Christian bookstore (or, according to World, Barnes & Noble). So maybe I can provide a measure of help.

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